C-45 Expeditor (multiple)

I photographed the Historic Flight Foundation’s RC-45J (Beech Model 18) at Paine Field in 2012. The Commemorative Air Force’s C-45 Expeditor “Bucket of Bolts” was at Boeing Field in 2014 in conjunction with the CAF’s B-29 Fifi. In addition to Navy and Army examples of the UC-45J at the Pima Air Museum, other Beechcraft Model 18 variants in their impressive collection were an AT-11 Kansan and an AT-7 Navigator. It is interesting that almost all of the Expeditors run a two-bladed prop but there is at least one example running three-bladed props.

RC-45J 29585

Paine Field 2012

C-45 Expeditor “689”

Champaign Air Museum / Grimes Field (Urbana) 2018

TC-45J 89468

Planes of Fame, Chino 2018

C-45 KJ508 (Beech 18S) “Bucket of Bolts”

Boeing Field 2014

C-45H Expeditor 52-10866

South Dakota Air Museum 2021

Beech SNB-5 (C-45J) 44-588

March AFB 2018

1965 Beech TC-45J (SNB-5) Expeditor #6141

Legacy Flight Museum; Rexburg, Idaho 2021

C-45H 51-11892

Paine Field 2016

Arlington Airport 2018

Olympic Flight Museum 2018

UC-45J 39213

Pima Air Museum 2017

UC-45J 29646

Pima Air Museum 2017

C-45H AF-510 “Grimes Flying Labratory”

Champaign Air Museum / Grimes Field (Urbana) 2018

UC-45J Expeditor 67212

Falcon Field, Mesa AZ 2017


Evergreen Museum 2018

UC-45J/JRB-5 89484

McChord AFB 2017

C-45F 44-47573

Rebuilt after being written off during a fatal crash in 1965

Missoula, Mont. 2022

1951 Beech C-45H Expeditor #AF-253

Museum of Flight 2023