B-17G 44-85746 Wreck site in mountains

Just a few pics of the SB-17G 44-85746 from my personal archives documenting the B-17s I have had the good fortune to see in person. This plane crashed into the side of a mountain on a return trip through the Olympic Mountains en route to McChord AFB in January 1952.

Access to the plane is via the Tubal Cain Mine Trail and then a steep ascent on the Tull Canyon Trail. After many years of waiting for the right opportunity, my son and I made the trek Aug. 27, 2018. We found the inner wings, landing gear and various panels strewn over the lower meadow. With further exploration, we found an engine… then another. A third engine was located and a little deeper in the woods one of the oil tanks. Other interesting items were turbochargers and the front of the panel over the cockpit.

Well worth the hike.

SB-17G 44-85746

Olympic Mountains, 2018