B-17G 44-83735 Mary Alice / 96BG “133”

Just a few sample pics of the B-17G 44-83735 Mary Alice from my personal archives documenting the B-17s I have had the good fortune to see in person. This was special as it was in the markings of a 401st BG plane, the Group that my brother-in-law’s grandfather flew with. Note that the side of the fuselage was cut away to allow visitors to inside the waist area while still keeping the interior secure.

In the time since that visit in February 2008, this plane had been repainted and had the body reworked. It currently wears the 3rd Division markings of the 96th BG, but had no nose art when I photographed it in the summer of 2019.

B-17G 44-83735 Mary Alice

IWM Duxford 2008

Repainted as 42-38133 in generic 96th BG markings

IWM Duxford 2019