Ki-43 Hayabusa / Oscar (multiple)

Examples of the Nakajima Ki-43 Hyabusa (Allied codename Oscar) I have photographed at the Museum of Flight and Flying Heritage Collection, as well as a flying example during the 2016 air show at McChord AFB. In 2017, I photographed the Hyabusa at the Pima Air Museum.

Nakajima Ki-43 IIIA Hayabusa

(2004 Texas Aircraft Factory Inc Replica)

Erickson Collection, Madras 2017

McChord AFB 2016

Erickson Collection; Madras 2023

Nakajima Ki-43-IIb Hayabusa; possibly #6430

I originally photographed this Hyabusa during the pre-opening media night for the Museum of Flight’s Personal Courage Wing.

Museum of Flight 2004

Then saw it years later on display in Pima

Pima Air Museum 2017

Nakajima Ki-43-Ib Hayabusa #750

Flying Heritage Collection 2011

Flying Heritage Collection 2012

Flying Heritage Collection 2016

Flying Heritage Collection 2019

Flying Heritage Collection 2023

Ki-43 Hayabusa

(2008 reproduction by GossHawk Unlimited) Uses parts from four wrecked Ki-43s of several variants)

Museum of Flight 2008

Museum of Flight 2010

Museum of Flight 2016

Museum of Flight 2023