Mitsubishi A6M Zero (multiple)

I have photographed examples of the Japanese A6M Type “0” fighters (Zero or Zeke) at the Pacific Aviation Museum in Pearl Harbor, Smithsonian NASM, as well as flying examples at the FHC and PoF Chino. Partial A6M3 examples (essentially the cockpit sections) can be seen at the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville, Ore. and the IWM in England (I photographed at both the Duxford location in 2008 and at the London museum in 2019).

A6M2 Model 21 (5356/5451)

Pacific Aviation Museum 2013

Pacific Aviation Museum 2013

Fragments from the Ni’ihau Zero lost to low fuel following the Pearl Harbor attack. There is a nice write-up of the incident here.

A6M5 Zero (4340)

Smithsonian NASM 2015

A6M5 (5357)

Planes of Fame, Chino 2018

A6M3 (#3685, partial)

Imperial War Museum Duxford 2008

Pointed out to me as A6M3 22 c/n 3489. It belonged to 252 Kokutai and had the tail code Y2-176 which was then changed in late 153 to 52-177.

Imperial War Museum, London 2019

A6M2 (#51553)

NMoUSAF 2018

A6M3 (#3148, partial)

Evergreen Aviation Museum 2015

Evergreen Museum 2018

A6M3 Model 22 (#3852)

This aircraft was recovered from Babo Airfield and restored – first in Russia, then in California, and finally in Washington state – before being delivered to the Flying Heritage Collection.
The FHC also has (in storage) Zeros #1303 and #4400, and the nearby Legend Flyers have a replica being built to airworthiness using parts from #3148.

Flying Heritage Collection 2012

Flying Heritage Collection 2013

Paine Field Aviation Day 2013

Flying Heritage Collection 2016

Flying Heritage Collection 2017

HFF, Paine Field 2017

Flying Heritage Collection 2019

Flying Heritage Collection 2023