Fairchild Model 24 (multiple)

I photographed these vintage Fairchild 24 examples: a 24K during the HFF’s Vintage Air Show in 2016 and a 24W-9 at the Champaign Air Museum in Urbana, Ohio, in 2018.

Shortly after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941, the US Navy placed thirteen into service with two designations: GK-1 Argus (Light Transport, Fairchild) and JK-1 (Utility, Fairchild). The Army Air Force also pressed nine into service as the UC-86 (an example of which is on display at the WAAAM in Hood River, Ore.

1939 Fairchild 24K

Paine Field 2016

Fairchild 24 C8F (UC-61J) #3118

NMoUSAF 2018

1939 Fairchild 24W-9 #W9-213

Champaign Air Museum / Grimes Field (Urbana) 2018

1938 Fairchild 24G #2926

WAAAM, Hood River 2021

1941 Fairchild 24W-41A #W41A-206

Museum of Flight 2023