PBY Catalina / Canso (multiple)

I photographed these Consolidated PBY Catalina examples at McChord AFB and at a vintage aviation air show put on by the Historic Flight Foundation at Paine Field. Canadian service PBY-5’s are called Canso — I photographed Canso examples parked outside the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville, Ore., and at the Pima Air Museum in Tucson.

In 2017, I photographed the Catalina at McChord after it had received new paint. Another example was photographed at the NMoUSAF in Dayton.

The PBY-6 that I was able to board during an airshow at Paine Field was the Catalina that was temporarily based at nearby Thun Field before heading to Florida for use in the movie USS Indianapolis: Men of Honor. Sadly it was lost after being beached just offshore during filming — the most serious damage done when salvage crane operators attempted to lift the water-logged Catalina, essentially ripping the plane apart (read story here). I don’t usually link to outside images, but here is a very interesting video of this Catalina in Florida showing how close it was to shore. Sad that they attempted to lift the plane rather than using inflated floats to bring the nose section above the waterline and pumping the water out. Very sad.

There is a PBY-5A Catalina BuNo 46522 at the Erickson Collection in Madras, Ore., that I had originally photographed at the Tillamook Air Museum many years ago (sadly, I cannot find the photos from that visit in about 2004-5).

PBY-5A 46595 “Snafu Snatchers”

NMoUSAF 2018

Canso A (PBY-5A) 9815

Evergreen Aviation Museum; 2015

Evergreen Museum 2018

PBY-5A 433915

Imperial War Museum, Duxford 2019

PBY-5A 46522

Erickson Collection, Madras 2017

Erickson Collection; Madras 2023

PBY-6A 64041 Catalina

Paine Field 2012

Canso A (PBY-5A) 9742

Pima Air Museum 2017

PBY-5A 33993 (displayed as 434033)

McChord AFB 2010

McChord AFB 2017

after new paint

PBY-5A 48426

Palm Springs 2018

PBY-5A 34027

Ephrata 2010

Ephrata 2018

Ephrata 2023

1943 Consolidated Vultee PBY-5A Canso A CV201

HFF, Paine Field 2017

1942 Boeing PBY-5A Catalina #9767

Museum of Flight 2023