2013: 447th BG Reunion in Charleston

Veterans and families from the 447th BG gathered for the reunion in Charleston…
Veterans of the 447th BG and their families teamed up with the Second Schweinfurt Mission Association for a joint reunion Oct. 2-5 in Charleston.

Below is a selection of the photos taken during the reunion and related excursions including a boat tour through the harbor and around the city. Bear in mind that the government shutdown started on the first day of the reunion so some national locations were closed and our boat was not permitted to dock at Fort Sumpter as planned. We got a great look at Charleston from the water — especially the USS Yorktown at Patriots Point. We also bussed down to the Mighty Eighth Museum in Pooler/Savannah.

On Saturday afternoon, Gen. James “Kemp” McLaughlin headed a presentation and panel discussion about the historic Schweinfurt mission known as Black Thursday. The reunion’s formal dinner later that night was highlighted by a special candle ceremony and great camaraderie as families honored the veterans in attendance.

447th BG Reunion

Charleston, SC; October 2013