M60 Patton Tank (multiple)

I photographed these M60 Patton Tank examples at the Fort Lewis Military Museum and at the FHC. The FHC has multiple Patton tanks, the M60A1 on this page as well as a cutaway tank to display the interior, and the earlier M48A1 Patton. The M48 Patton had a boat-like curved front line, but the M60 Patton returned to the straight front edge like the M47 Patton, to make it easier to install defensive equipment.

M60 Patton

Fort Lewis 2015

M60 Patton

Nampa, Idaho 2021

M60A1 Patton

Paine Field 2017

Flying Heritage Collection 2017

Flying Heritage Collection 2023

M60 Patton

Yuma Proving Grounds (2000)

M60 Patton

NMMV Dubois 2021