F-106 Delta Dart (multiple)

I photographed these Convair F-106 Delta Dart examples at the Evergreen Aviation Museum, NMoUSAF, Pima Air Museum and McChord AFB.

F-106A 59-0003

Pima Air Museum 2017

F-106A 58-0787

NMoUSAF 2018

F-106B 57-2513

Yanks Air Museum, Chino 2018

F-106A 59-0137

Evergreen Aviation Museum 2015

Evergreen Museum 2018

F-106A 56-0459

McChord AFB 2007

McChord AFB 2010

F-106A 56-0459 Cockpit

This is displayed separate from the plane.

McChord AFB 2007

F-106 Delta Dart cockpit

South Dakota Air Museum 2021