L-5 Sentinel (multiple)

Stinson L-5 Sentinel examples I photographed at the NASM Udvar-Hazy Center, NMoUSAF, Yanks/Chino and March AFB. The Sentinel 42-14798 was the first production L-5 built and was donated to the Smithsonian on 5 June 1960. The L-5 was affectionately known as the “Flying Jeep”

L-5E 42-98228

Yanks Air Museum, Chino 2018

L-5 42-98225

NMoUSAF 2018

L-5 42-14798

Udvar-Hazy 2015

It is of interest that this Stinson (the very first L-5 produced) still has the Brodie hook system attached, which allows the plane to approach a like-equipped ship and hook on without needing a landing strip. I can’t find the short video clip from the Smithsonian that explains this system in less than two minutes, but here is an interesting video that includes an explanation.

L-5 42-15046

March AFB 2018

L-5E Sentinel 76-3410 “Kindred Spirit”

CAF Mesa 2017

L-5G Sentinel 45-35046

South Dakota Air Museum 2021

1943 Stinson L-5 Sentinel #76-510

WAAAM, Hood River 2021