Heinkel He 111 / CASA 2.111 (multiple)

Heinkel He-111 examples from the RAF Museum in London and the IWM Duxford. I also photographed a fragment and instrument panel at the IWM London. During a private event to debut the FHC’s airworthy Messerschmitt Me-262, I was able to photograph what is apparently a CASA 2.111 (the Spanish license-built version) in the process of being restored.

Heinkel He 111 H-20 (Stammkennzeichen of NT+SL), Wk Nr 701152

RAF Museum 2008

CASA 2.111 (apparently)

FHC private hangar 2019

Heinkel He 111

IWM Duxford 2008

Heinkel He 111 tail artifact

Imperial War Museum, Duxford 2019

Heinkel He 111 artifacts

Imperial War Museum, London 2019