Rutan Long-EZ (multiple)

I photographed this Rutan Long-EZ 442 on display at the Pima Air Museum in Tucson, Ariz., during a visit in the spring of 2017. There is a “militarized” version called the Long-EZ Borealis, one of which I photographed at the NMoUSAF. Note Rutan’s autograph on the strut of the Long EZ #921 at Tillamook.

Long EZ Model 61 #442

Pima Air Museum

1994 Long EZ #1647

Olympic Flight Museum 2018

1984 Long EZ Invictus

Thun Field 2010

2008 Rutan Long-EZ #081945

Olympic Flight Museum 2019

Rutan Long-EZ Model 61 #921

Tillamook Air Museum 2021