Boeing 747 (multiple)

I photographed this Boeing 747 as it landed during an air show at Paine Field in 2012. Even close-up, the new technology engines were considerably quieter than what people are used to hearing from the Jumbos. The Museum of Flight has a special 747 displayed in the new covered Pavilion.

Boeing 747 N7470 “City of Everett”

The very first of the 747 line. Boeing and NASA used this prototype airframe to conduct various structure and equipment tests.

Museum of Flight 2016

Museum of Flight 2023

Boeing 747

Paine Field 2012

Boeing 747

Paine Field 2013

Boeing 747

Paine Field 2016

2017 747-8B5i #60411

Paine Field 2017

Boeing 747

McMinnville, Ore. 2015

Evergreen Museum 2018

Boeing 747

This was the plane we flew during our family trip to England/Scotland in June 2019

SeaTac Airport 2019


From Mariners Game 2016