VC-137B: Boeing 707-120 “SAM 970”

I photographed this Boeing 707 Air Force One at the Museum of Flight in Seattle. This was the first presidential jet plane and was known as SAM (Special Air Missions) 970. The MoF site says that SAM 970 was replaced in 1962 by Kennedy’s newer Boeing VC-137C, but remained in the presidential fleet, ferrying VIPs and the vice-president, until June of 1996.

This was a special plane for my family — my uncle in particular — as my grandfather was head chef for Pan American at the time this plane was used for transporting the president to China. My grandfather arranged for the fare that was served on that flight though the PAA staff were not allowed to make the flight, so the menu on display is actually a celebration of the meal service he was in charge of.

Boeing 707-120 SAM 970

Museum of Flight 2013

Museum of Flight 2016