AH-1 Cobra (multiple)

Bell UH-1 Cobra helicopters I have photographed around the country. The AH-1J Sea Cobra is from our visit to Patriots Point in Charleston, SC. The TAH-1P “Voodoo Venom” is part of the Olympic Flight Museum’s collection.

AH-1F Cobra 69-16416

March AFB 2018

AH-1F Cobra

Yanks Air Museum, Chino 2018

AH-1 Cobra

Fort Lewis 2014

TAH-1P 77-22741 “Voodoo Venom”

Olympic Flight Museum 2018

Boeing Field / Seafair 2011

Olympic Flight Museum 2019

Olympia 2022

Olympic Flight Museum 2023

AH-1J Sea Cobra

Patriots Point 2013

AH-1G 67-15574

Palm Springs 2018

AH-1F 69-16434

Evergreen Museum 2018

AH-1F 68-17063

Veterans Museum, Chehalis 2021