F8F Bearcat (multiple)

Grumman F8F Bearcat examples I have had the good fortune to photograph in person. The airworthy Bearcat at the Palm Springs Air Museum is actually a G-58 Gulfhawk, one of two civilain-built versions of the F8F Bearcat. The Gulfhawk in Palm Springs is the G-58B, and the G-58A is based at the Planes of Fame museum in Chino.

G-58B Gulfhawk “Bob’s Bear”

Palm Springs 2018

F8F-2 121752

McChord AFB 2010

Paine Field 2012

Aviation Day Paine Field 2013

HFF Vintage Air Show 2016

Flying Heritage Collection 2017

HFF, Paine Field 2017

HFF, Paine Field 2019

Erickson Collection; Madras 2023