C-78 Bobcat (multiple)

I photographed these Cessna UC-78 Bobcat examples on display at Pima, Mesa, the WAAAM and the NMoUSAF. The Bobcat was designed from Cessna’s T-50 civilian plane, and with upgraded engines became the AT-17 multi-engine trainer at the outbreak of WWII. The JRC-1 is the Navy designation for the UC-78.

UC-78B Bobcat 42-71626

NMoUSAF 2018

UC-78C Bobcat 42-39162

Pima Air Museum 2017

1942 T-50 Bobcat #3084

CAF Mesa 2017

1943 Cessna UC-78B Bobcat 42-71507

WAAAM, Hood River 2021

WAAAM, Hood River 2023