Supermarine Spitfire (multiple)

Supermarine Spitfire examples I have photographed, including the Mk 1, Mk Vb, Mk VIII, Mk IX (including a 2-seater), Mk XVI and the final F24 variant. These were taken at the Imperial War Museums at Duxford and London, and the RAF Museum in London were taken during visits to England. Flying examples were photographed during air shows at the Flying Heritage Collection in Everett, Wash. The Spitfire Mk XVI was at the Evergreen Aviation Museum, and a pair of Spitfire examples at the NMoUSAF.

In 2019, I photographed the Silver Spitfire when it visited the HFF at Paine Field. This stop was to perform its 50-hour maintenance check during the team’s trip around the world.

Spitfire F Mk.Ia R6915

This aircraft flew during the Battle of Britain with 609 Squadron. Among the pilots who flew it were aces Noel Agazarian, who had two victories in this aircraft, and John Dundas, who scored one.

Imperial War Museum, London 2019

Spitfire F Mk.Vc MA863

NMoUSAF 2018

Spitfire Mk IX MJ271 (G-IRTY)

Historic Flight Foundation 2019

This was during the Boultbee Flight Academy’s attempt to circumnavigate the earth in the “Silver Spitfire”

Spitfire PR Mk.XI PA908

NMoUSAF 2018

Spitfire Mk.Ia X4590

RAF Museum London 2008

1939 Supermarine Spitfire 1 #441

IWM Duxford 2019

Spitfire LF XVIe TD248

Imperial War Museum, Duxford 2019

Spitfire F MkVc EE602

Imperial War Museum, Duxford 2019

Spitfire F Mk.Vb BL614

RAF Museum London 2008

Spitfire PR MkXI PL983

Imperial War Museum, Duxford 2019

Spitfire Mk. VIIc EN474

Smithsonian NASM 2015

Spitfire LF Mk. IXe ML417

Planes of Fame, Chino 2018

Spitfire LF Mk.IXc MK923

This Spitfire was formerly owned by the late actor Cliff Robertson. From 1972 until 1994, it was flown by Jerry Billing, a Canadian Second World War Spitfire pilot, until he retired from flying Spitfires at age 75. Billing set a record for most Spitfire experience while flying this Spitfire (52?1?2 years). It wears the markings and codes it wore when serving with No. 126 Squadron at RAF Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire in mid to late 1944 as MK923 / 5J-Z.

Museum of Flight 2008

Museum of Flight 2016

Museum of Flight 2010

Spitfire Tr.9 PV202

IWM Duxford 2008

This plane was destroyed in a crash in 2000 that claimed the lives of Greg McCurrach and Norman Lees. Rebuilt to airworthy and was wearing Dutch markings when I photographed it in 2008.

When the family visited England in June 2019, I was able to photograph PV202 wearing new colors and in action.

Imperial War Museum, Duxford 2019

Spitfire LF Mk.IXb MH434

IWM Duxford 2008

MH434 shot down an Fw 190 in 1943 while serving on 222 Squadron. This aircraft has been featured at European air shows and has been in many other TV and films including Operation Crossbow, The Longest Day, Battle of Britain, A Bridge Too Far, Piece of Cake and Foyle’s War

Spitfire FR Mk.IXc NH904

Palm Springs Air Museum 2018

Spitfire LF Mk.XVIe TE356 “Carolyn”

Evergreen Aviation Museum 2015

Evergreen Museum 2018

Spitfire F Mk.24 PK724

RAF Museum London 2008

Spitfire LF Mk.IXe SL633 (Czech)

Paine Field 2011

Paine Field 2012

Historic Flight Foundation airshow 2012

Paine Field Aviation Day 2013

Olympic Flight Museum 2016

Paine Field 2016

HFF, Paine Field 2019

Spitfire F Mk. Vc AR614 (DU-Z)

FHC Battle of Britain show 2011

Flying Heritage Collection 2012

Flying Heritage Collection 2016

Flying Heritage Collection 2023

Spitfire replica of X4474

Imperial War Museum, Duxford 2019

Spitfire MkV fiberglass replica

Imperial War Museum, Duxford 2019