M5 medium tractor (multiple)

I photographed these M5 medium tractor examples at IWM Duxford and the Fort Lewis Military Museum. The M5 Tractor was developed using the track/suspension from the M5 Stuart light tank, much in the way the tanks were converted to the M5 Kangaroo artillery tractor in North Africa campaign in circumstances where Universal Carriers were unavailable.

M5A4 High Speed Tractor

Paine Field 2017

Flying Heritage Collection 2017

Displayed attached to an M2 15mm “Long Tom” field artillery

Flying Heritage Collection 2019

Flying Heritage Collection 2023

M5 Gun Tractor

Displayed attached to an M2A1 105mm Cannon

NMoUSAF 2018

M5 medium tractor

Fort Lewis (around) 2004

Fort Lewis 2015